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As you can see from our numerous food posts, Joanna and I have a tendency to eat a lot, and not necessarily incredibly healthy things. There’s a huge buzz right now about fresh pressed juices, and to be honest, I initially didn’t see the draw in it. But I realized after all the junk (food, alcohol, caffeine) I put into my body, a detox is necessary.

Delivery: You get 6 juices, 1 chlorophyll water & 1 aloe water. They also include a little card on the first day with instructions on cleansing.

After a completely miserable 1st attempt at manually juicing myself, I decided for the 2nd round to just order from Pressed Juicery. Even though it is $70/day (delivery included), it’s actually cheaper than most places. They deliver early (around 4 am) and email you where they left the box too. For 6 juices, 1 chlorophyll water and 1 aloe water, I think it’s worth not having to prep and juice yourself. You can also pick it up at the stores themselves for a little less than $50/day.

While it is recommended to not drink coffee, I needed to. So I started with just one cup of black coffee- no milk or sugar added.

Pressed has 3 different cleanse options with Cleanse 1 being the easiest and Cleanse 3 being the most intense (more green juices). If you think $70/day is too expensive, you can try juicing yourself at home, which is much cheaper. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time especially for the prep!

Needed 2 Greens 1 this day to get me going!

But other than the cleanses they offer, I love having a bottle of Pressed Juicery around. Having a Greens 1 (Kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery) in the morning makes me feel much more refreshed and healthy. I personally cannot stand ginger in my drinks, so I loved that Pressed has non-ginger options!

A Detox 4 (cucumber, pineapple, coconut h2o, aloe vera) is incredibly refreshing and my favorite on a hot day and especially after a Bar Method class. I tried Detox 3 (grapefruit and mint) but it was definitely too hard to drink for me, too tart. I usually add half a Splenda to my grapefruits anyway, so Detox 3 was not ideal for me.

For the more “dessert-like” drinks, my favorite would have to be Coconut mint chip (coconut meat, coconut h2o, cacao, mint)! I cannot get over how it tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream. It’s so delicious.

One of current seasonal drinks. It definitely has a kick to it, but I love that spice! I prefer it over sweet juices.

Juices range from about $6.50 – $8 per bottle. There are 3 locations plus a truck that goes to Malibu (Follow @PressedJuicery on Twitter for location and time). While I have never been to the Brentwood location, the West Hollywood one has a small parking lot in the back – please note some spots are reserved. The Downtown Los Angeles location just opened, Monday July 16! I’m so excited because now I can grab some juices before and after work. If you cannot find street parking, the underground structure at the Cooper Building is $5 for the first 30 minutes. For more information, check out their Website-

xox Grace

Pressed Juicery Brentwood // 13050 San Vicente Blvd, #120 Los Angeles, CA 90049 // 310.451.1010
Pressed Juicery West Hollywood // 8714 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069 // 310.854.4407
Pressed Juicery Downtown // 860 South Los Angeles st Los Angeles, CA 90014 // 213.688.9700

Summer time. Beaches. Bikini season. You can’t hide that fat behind the chunky sweaters, jeans and scarves anymore. Unfortunately living in LA doesn’t really allow you to hide that fat for too long anyway. I hate going to the gym on a regular basis. I don’t even know how to work out properly anyway plus I get so bored. So when I do work out I try my best to attend a class since you can’t leave the class in the middle of it!

Jo introduced me to Bar Method ages ago. Admittedly I wasn’t a huge fan my first class because I associated working out with major sweating and cardio. However, I stuck with it and immediately was hooked. It’s absolutely addicting.

Bar Method thigh work makes you shake like crazy! But the shake is proof that you’re burning fat. (Credit: Bar Method Dallas)

Bar Method is a full body, 60 minute workout. It works all your muscles with small movements and creates a long, lean dancer’s body. It’s deceptively challenging. I thought it’d just be lots of stretching and breathing, but it’s so much more. And you can definitely tell that it works. I mean just look at the gorgeously toned instructors, and that’s enough motivation and proof. Plus you can feel the burn in all those positions in thigh, seat and curl. I personally hate (well I guess more love to hate) chair with ball in thigh work, waterski seat work, pretzel with ball in seat work and zingers for seat.

Chair for thigh is one of the moves I love to hate. Add a ball to squeeze, and it’s even that much more amazingly painful! (Credit: Bar Method Naperville)

Seeing this kind of flexibility is what keeps me going. (Credit: Bar Method DC / Bar Method Silverlake)

Follow @barmethodmimi and @TheBarMethodHQ on Twitter for more information about Bar Method. There are studios all over the US and so many in LA! West Hollywood, West LA and Brentwood are all owned by Mimi, so you can use your classes at any of the 3 studios. But there are also studios in Pasadena, Encino, Burbank and Silverlake (opening July 14th). You can check out all the studio locations at There’s an introductory special – $100 for one month! It’s a great deal, and afterwards, you can purchase packages or continue with monthly packages.

Happy shaking!

xox Grace


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