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Last Saturday, February 18, Joanna and I were invited by Mobi Munch (@MobiMunch) to give feedback on a new food truck concept, a mac & cheese truck. This potential truck targets college students, so I brought a few of my friends from USC to all help. After all, how can anyone turn down free food?

We tasted every dish they had except for the original mac & cheese. All were amazing! The prices are all very reasonable, $5-6 for the smaller size and $8-9 for the larger size. Definitely a lot of food for what you pay.

Menu for the day
The idea is that for each college, six items would be chosen based on the students’ taste. Really love how customized that would be.

Good Mornin’
Definitely my favorite! I love hash browns and anything spicy, so add those onto mac & cheese and of course I’m all over it!

Fiesta Mac
Again the chiles definitely made this mac & cheese amazing. So delicious also.

Three Little Pigs
So much pork! Perfect for pork lovers.

Cheese and Trees
Definitely my second favorite one. I love broccoli already, and the gruyere made it even more delicious.

Cheese n’ Peas
A good vegetarian option and a more simple dish. Definitely balanced out all the strong flavors from the other ones.

Mobi Munch still haven’t finalized a name yet, so if anyone has any ideas, please let us know. If someone’s submission for a name is chosen, there will be a $100 Visa gift card! Please put suggestions in the comments, and I’ll be sure to forward them to the Mobi Munch team.

(All food was hosted by Mobi Munch in exchange for feedback.)



Follow @ludotruck on Twitter for their location

On Friday, December 2nd, my day revolved around one thing — the LudoTruck. For lunch, Chef Ludo and the truck were in Burbank debuting their new menu and for dinner, they were at Domaine LA on Melrose for a special Foie Gras Night (Foie Gras Night at Animal here).

Messy Shrimp Po’ Boy

Popcorn Shrimp

Black Truffle Chicken Burger

I loved the new menu items and the Black Truffle Chicken Burger was definitely my favorite. The buns were buttery and soft, the chicken patty was moist, but what made it so special was the extra crunch and flavor from the chicken skin and the subtle flavors of the black truffle.

Foie Gras Terrine Sandwich

Foie Gras and Corn Soup

Foie Gras Beignet

I love how Chef Ludo makes foie gras easily available to everyone without it costing an arm and a leg and with a creative, delicious twist. It’s great that his Foie Gras Nights are educating more people about foie gras and the fact that not all farmers treat their ducks/geese cruelly. I look forward to more Foie Gras Nights by Chef Ludo before the ban goes into effect in 2012.

Don’t forget to sign the petition to keep foie gras in California!

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Fashion’s Night Out on Rodeo Drive
Rodeo Drive, Beverly Drive, Wilshire Blvd.
Event Date: Thursday, 09/08/2011 from 6:00 PM-10:00 PM

I love Los Angeles and I’m a firm believer that this great city has everything. But when it comes to fashion and fashion-related events, Los Angeles is a bit lacking. Our Fashion Week is laughable compared to New York’s Fashion Week and this city was just voted by GQ as the 2nd Worst Dressed City in America. Um, Ouch!

When Los Angeles decided to participate again for Fashion’s Night Out along with New York and several other cities all over the world, I was of course, ecstatic. I rarely get to go to fashion-related events and even though this blog seems like it’s a food blog, it wasn’t supposed to be mainly focused on food. My true love and passion lies with fashion and it’s definitely an area that’s been neglected lately.

I got a bit overly dolled up for Fashion’s Night Out on Rodeo, but I love having a reason to dress up and don’t mind being a bit overly dressed. Better overdressed than underdressed!

Outfit for FNO 2011
Dress: Zara, Clutch: J. Crew, Jewelry: Custom ring and Piaget watch, Shoes: (not pictured) Christian Louboutin

Drinks at Luxe Hotel Rodeo
Thanks to Mattatouille, I was able to get a media pass for FNO 2011. This included drinks at the Luxe Hotel on Rodeo, 2 complimentary tickets for the Ferris wheel, and early access to certain stores.

Tom Ford Store on Rodeo Drive
If you know me, you know my major obsession with the amazing Tom Ford. When Tom Ford left Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent and decided to only make menswear for awhile, I was still determined to purchase something. The only possible thing I could think of being able to pull off were bowties… as headbands. I was at the Tom Ford New York store for awhile trying to put bowties around my head and needless to say, that didn’t quite work out the way I wanted. I’m definitely glad he’s back to making womenswear (even though I can’t quite afford it) and will definitely be purchasing several of the makeup from his recently launched The Colour Collection, which has over 130 products of lipsticks, eyeshadows, etc.

Stilt Walker

Lobster Roll from the Lobsta Truck
There were several food trucks lined up on Rodeo and Beverly Drive and Sprinkles Cupcakes even had a special FNO cupcake. The following are a list of food trucks that participated in FNO 2011 on Rodeo Drive: Buttermilk Truck, Greasy Wiener, Tango Mango, Lobsta Truck. Coolhaus, Cheeseball Wagon, The Flower Truck, Great Balls, Waffles De Liege, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Tino’s Pizza, Breezy Freeze, Me So Hungy, KnockOut Taco, Fatburger, Nacho Truck, Cart for a Cause.

Cookies at Miu Miu

Champagne at Jimmy Choo

Christian Dior Peep Toe Pumps

Ferris Wheel on Rodeo Drive

In order to receive 2 “free” tickets for the Ferris wheel, a minimum purchase is required. I was given complimentary tickets so I don’t know the minimum purchase, but from what I’ve heard, 2010’s FNO minimum purchase was approximately $2000.

Tips for FNO on Rodeo Drive:
Get there early. The event started at 6:00 PM, but in order to find parking and avoid traffic, I suggest getting to Rodeo Drive (or any other FNO location) early.
Eat first. The lines for food trucks get longer as it gets later so in order to maximize your time at the event, eat first and shop later.
Bring your own flask. I’m totally kidding about this one! But keep in mind that you probably won’t get drunk off of champagne, wine, and weak cocktails. The drinks are mainly there to enhance the ambiance and several stores were slow with meeting the demands of the thirsty shoppers.
Children and pet-friendly. I was surprised to see quite a few children out past their bedtime and adorable, tiny dogs in the arms of fashionistas or walking around in designer collars and leashes.
No dress code. I was quite surprised that more people weren’t dressed up (I can kind of see why we were voted 2nd worst dressed city). Some people were walking around in workout clothes while others were dressed comfortably, but fashionably (i.e. Hermes Birkin, Lanvin flats, designer jeans, trendy top). There is no dress code for FNO, but I think everyone should put in an effort and show up in something besides workout clothes.

The following are more photos from the event provided by Becky Sapp/AB Images:


Fashion’s Night Out is a city-wide event that cannot be missed. Even though I wanted to stop by West Hollywood and Beverly Center, there was not enough time to attend all these events and in the end, I was left wanting more. FNO is a fun night to do some shopping since some stores offer discounts (none offered from high-end designer stores and this mainly applies to stores at the mall) and limited edition gifts with minimum purchases (Gucci was giving a limited edition tote with purchases of $500 or more), but even if you’re not going to do any shopping, it’s an event that’s still worth attending.

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Follow @ludotruck on Twitter for their location

I remember when the food truck craze first started and there would be mile long lines at the Kogi truck. For awhile, it was fun tracking down food trucks via Twitter, but the novelty of it wore off very quickly. Nowadays, I rarely go out of my way for food trucks unless they happen to be in front of me or I’m really craving something. But the only food truck I stalk on a regular basis and will drive miles for is LudoTruck. Fact: Grace and I used to Tweet LudoTruck a lot. One day, Dennis, the manager of LudoTruck, (he also used to manage the LudoTruck Twitter account) “recognized” me at Sawtelle when I placed a large order. Since then, whenever we’re at LudoTruck and Dennis is around, guess what…he recognizes us (at least by name). We’re most likely known as those two crazy sisters that won’t stop Tweeting LudoTruck.

LudoTruck is Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s fried chicken food truck. I’ve heard on numerous occasions people referring to the truck as “LudoBites” Truck. The truck is not like Chef Ludo’s pop-up restaurant, but instead serves three different types of chicken (I just refer to them as strip, wing, ball), chicken sandwich, slaw, fries, Honey Lavender Biscuit, and agua frescas.

I haven’t had LudoTruck for a few months, but luckily I got to enjoy it two weekends in a row at Bloomfest and X Games. Unfortunately, both occasions, no Honey Lavender Biscuits. (I literally asked five times at Bloomfest if they were hiding any in the back and to just give me one. I guess they were really out…) So if you want LudoTruck’s famous Honey Lavender Biscuits, I suggest going early.


The menu

My usual order
Three pieces of chicken — strip, wing, ball with a side of fries, slaw, and Bernaise Sauce. My favorite of the three is definitely the ball with it’s dark meat and herbs de provence.  The wing is most flavorful of the three and has a great sticky honey glaze. It’s very messy to eat and even though it usually doesn’t come with a sauce, I still like dipping it in the Bernaise. The strip is the least flavorful of the three (not saying it’s not good), and compared to the original strips, these new ones are more peppery.

A closer look at the chickens

Ludo Slaw

Three sauces — Honey Whole Grain Mustard, BBQ, Bearnaise

If you’re curious to try Chef Ludo’s food, this is a lot easier than trying to get LudoBites reservations. (LudoBites 007 reservations sold out in under one minute.) Of course, a meal at LudoBites is quite different than a meal from LudoTruck, and if you ever have the opportunity to go to a LudoBites meal, I highly recommend it. It’s something you don’t want to miss out on. But LudoTruck is still a good alternative in my opinion when I’m in the mood for some good food.

Check back this week for our post on LudoBites 007 at Gram & Papa’s!

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