As you can see from our numerous food posts, Joanna and I have a tendency to eat a lot, and not necessarily incredibly healthy things. There’s a huge buzz right now about fresh pressed juices, and to be honest, I initially didn’t see the draw in it. But I realized after all the junk (food, alcohol, caffeine) I put into my body, a detox is necessary.

Delivery: You get 6 juices, 1 chlorophyll water & 1 aloe water. They also include a little card on the first day with instructions on cleansing.

After a completely miserable 1st attempt at manually juicing myself, I decided for the 2nd round to just order from Pressed Juicery. Even though it is $70/day (delivery included), it’s actually cheaper than most places. They deliver early (around 4 am) and email you where they left the box too. For 6 juices, 1 chlorophyll water and 1 aloe water, I think it’s worth not having to prep and juice yourself. You can also pick it up at the stores themselves for a little less than $50/day.

While it is recommended to not drink coffee, I needed to. So I started with just one cup of black coffee- no milk or sugar added.

Pressed has 3 different cleanse options with Cleanse 1 being the easiest and Cleanse 3 being the most intense (more green juices). If you think $70/day is too expensive, you can try juicing yourself at home, which is much cheaper. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time especially for the prep!

Needed 2 Greens 1 this day to get me going!

But other than the cleanses they offer, I love having a bottle of Pressed Juicery around. Having a Greens 1 (Kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery) in the morning makes me feel much more refreshed and healthy. I personally cannot stand ginger in my drinks, so I loved that Pressed has non-ginger options!

A Detox 4 (cucumber, pineapple, coconut h2o, aloe vera) is incredibly refreshing and my favorite on a hot day and especially after a Bar Method class. I tried Detox 3 (grapefruit and mint) but it was definitely too hard to drink for me, too tart. I usually add half a Splenda to my grapefruits anyway, so Detox 3 was not ideal for me.

For the more “dessert-like” drinks, my favorite would have to be Coconut mint chip (coconut meat, coconut h2o, cacao, mint)! I cannot get over how it tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream. It’s so delicious.

One of current seasonal drinks. It definitely has a kick to it, but I love that spice! I prefer it over sweet juices.

Juices range from about $6.50 – $8 per bottle. There are 3 locations plus a truck that goes to Malibu (Follow @PressedJuicery on Twitter for location and time). While I have never been to the Brentwood location, the West Hollywood one has a small parking lot in the back – please note some spots are reserved. The Downtown Los Angeles location just opened, Monday July 16! I’m so excited because now I can grab some juices before and after work. If you cannot find street parking, the underground structure at the Cooper Building is $5 for the first 30 minutes. For more information, check out their Website-

xox Grace

Pressed Juicery Brentwood // 13050 San Vicente Blvd, #120 Los Angeles, CA 90049 // 310.451.1010
Pressed Juicery West Hollywood // 8714 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069 // 310.854.4407
Pressed Juicery Downtown // 860 South Los Angeles st Los Angeles, CA 90014 // 213.688.9700

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